The veterinarian told about the risks of buying animals in stores and markets

By | 14 October 2022

The content in a limited space and the constant interest of potential buyers negatively affect the health and mental state of the animal, the doctor noted. Even staying in the window for one day causes the strongest stress in puppies and kittens.

“The immunity of kittens and puppies is in the stage of formation. At two or three months, namely at this age pets are put up for sale, it is necessary to limit contacts with the street, with a large number of people and with other animals as potential sources of infections. And if pet stores still require veterinary documents from the supplier of animals, then the situation on the market is much sadder,” the veterinarian said.

As a result, the specialist pointed out, the result is a large number of appeals from owners of recently purchased pets about infectious diseases. Often these diseases are already in the advanced stage and end in death.

According to the expert, most often baby animals get an appointment with a veterinarian with viral infections. Kittens — with calicivarosis, herpesvirus infection, panagenia (parvovirus infection of cats). Puppies — with parvo- or coronavirus interitis, less often with the plague of carnivores. There are also frequent cases of complaints about the invasion of fleas, helminths, infection with lichen.

“As for birds and exotic animals, then most often we are talking about improper maintenance at points of sale. For the maintenance of such animals, special climatic conditions are required, which are supported by expensive equipment. <…> Exotics are not often purchased goods and can stay at the point of sale for a long time. Therefore, they often come to new owners already with significant problems,” the veterinarian said.

The specialist recommended that buyers pay attention to the conditions where the animals are kept. It is also important to look at the condition of the mother and father, check all documents, including a veterinary passport with notes on preventive measures — vaccinations and treatments for helminths.

“The breeder should give detailed advice on care and feeding and support new owners for the first time. Most of these items disappear when buying a puppy or kitten both on the market and in a pet store”

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