The most dangerous foods for cats

By | 28 September 2022

Try not to spoil the cat with your favorite dishes, just because she wants it! They can be not just a taste pleasure for her, but also a great danger to her health!

There are some products that can cause serious diseases in cats, and endanger not only their health, but also their lives!

Onion and garlic
Even as a joke, do not try to add onions or garlic to the cat’s menu. Onions contain toxic substances that destroy red blood cells, causing anemia in cats and other health problems. And garlic will not add health to your cat, as it poses an increased risk of toxicity in the body.

Raisins and grapes
Raisins and grapes, delicious and healthy foods, with lots of vitamins, but not for a cat. These fruits have a high degree of toxicity to the feline body, and can lead to kidney failure.

Alcoholic beverages
You may think that a drop of beer or wine can relax the cat and will not cause any harm. But you should know that a cat does not have the same high degree of tolerance to alcohol as humans, and it can easily fall into an alcoholic coma, especially if the drink is very strong.

Lard and fatty meat
Even if the tempting aroma of these foods attracts the cat, eating fatty pork products (bacon, ham, fatty sausage, etc.) can lead to serious digestive problems, including symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal cramps.

Bones are a product that is most often included in the diet of cats, but they are extremely dangerous for cats. Bones can cause damage to cats’ digestive tract and intestinal obstruction. Do your best not to give your cat bones (especially fish and chicken bones).

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