The kitten sneezes, what to do and how to treat

By | 22 August 2022

A sneezing kitten looks charming and causes emotion in others. But you can rejoice in this process only if sneezing is not caused by diseases or other negative reasons.


Sneezing is a reflex process. With its help, the animal’s body gets rid of various irritants that have got into the nasal passages. If dust, dirt, hairs, fluff gets into the kitten’s nose, he will sneeze, trying to get rid of them. These are physiological reasons that do not require treatment.

Another thing is when sneezing is provoked by external and internal causes that negatively affect the health of the animal. These may be the following conditions and diseases:

  1. Allergic reaction. Cats can also suffer from the negative effects of poor ecology, react to harsh odors, for example, perfumes and aerosols, suffer from dust mites and other types of allergies. An attack of sneezing can provoke cigarette smoke, plant pollen, odors of household chemicals, mold, cosmetics, air fresheners, even familiar kitchen seasonings.
  2. Bronchial asthma. Most often it appears as a complication after a severe allergy.
  3. Respiratory diseases caused by various infections. Usually such diseases are accompanied by various additional symptoms that allow them to be distinguished from other manifestations.

Concomitant symptoms

When sneezing, a kitten may suffer from a runny nose, inflammation of the eyes, discharge from them, including purulent. A sick with an infectious disease or a severely cold, overcooled kitten will not only sneeze. He will have difficulty breathing, runny nose, tears, shortness of breath.

When the temperature rises, the animal refuses to eat, becomes sluggish, tries to hide from people. He may develop vomiting, and when the bronchi and lungs are affected, a characteristic gurgling and wheezing breathing occurs.

This condition threatens the pet’s life.

Diagnostics in a veterinary clinic

A sick kitten should be taken to the veterinarian immediately. In the clinic, they will take tests from him, examine him, if necessary, send him for other examinations (X-ray, ultrasound). This will help to identify the true cause of the disease and prescribe the right treatment.

Treatment methods and prognosis

Treatment is always related to the cause that caused the disease. If this is due to the environment of the animal, you need to remove the source of allergies or irritation: remove poisonous or flowering plants, stop using caustic household chemicals, carry out a thorough cleaning and do not smoke, do not use aerosols and perfumes in the room where the kitten is located.

It is necessary to treat diseases only after consulting with a veterinarian, since only a specialist can determine the diagnosis, choose medications and doses for a small kitten.

If you act independently, you can greatly harm your pet.

What to do at home

There can be no unambiguous and simple answer here, it is necessary to follow all the doctor’s recommendations exactly and not self-medicate.

A sick kitten should be kept warm and well fed. Since it can be difficult for him to eat because of a stuffy nose, it is best to give soft, high-calorie, but easily digestible food. It is necessary to ensure that he always has access to clean water and in no case give cold foods, including drinking.

Possible complications

If sneezing is provoked by an infection, the consequences can be the most dangerous, especially if the disease was not immediately noticed. Complications of a viral infection can be bronchitis, which, in the absence of proper treatment, quickly turn into pneumonia.

This already threatens not only the health, but also the life of the pet.

Preventive measures

To avoid the disease, the animal must be kept clean, well fed and make sure that it is not in drafts, does not sleep under air conditioners. If the kitten gets wet in the rain, it needs to be dried and warmed quickly.

From infections that threaten the life of a kitten, it is necessary to vaccinate. With a number of diseases, this is the only way to save a pet from death.

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