Residents of an elite village near Moscow were scared by a lioness who climbed onto the roof of a house – video

By | 27 March 2021

Residents of the village of Kozino near Moscow witnessed a very strange picture. An adult lioness was spotted on the roof of one of the houses.

Judging by the footage that is being distributed on social networks, the animal is absolutely not scared. A big “kitty” sits on the roof and calmly watches as eyewitnesses watch her with surprise. At first it was reported that the lioness ran away from home, however, as the owner of the predator told in an interview with the 360 TV channel, the situation is under control and no one has run away anywhere. The same information was later confirmed by the police who arrived at the station.

“We don’t have any commotion. Absolutely. These are neighbors, I put a car in their place, and now we have such a revenge,” the woman said.

And two years ago, another exotic cougar cat escaped from the same area. Then the animal attacked the dog, after which she spent several days in a shelter waiting for the owner.

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