Maine Coons are amazing cats

By | 20 August 2022

Maine Coons are one of the most amazing breeds of cats. They are characterized by large size and good-natured nature. Despite their massiveness, they are very mobile and playful. These are absolutely not sofa cats, they have a well-developed hunting instinct, so they are irreplaceable rodent catchers.

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The Maine Coon is an aboriginal breed that began its development about 250 years ago in northeastern America, in the state of Maine. This area is characterized by cool summers and cold long winters. The thick fur of these cats is impervious to water. A powerful strong body is created to lead a predatory lifestyle. The locals drew attention to their excellent pied piper abilities and friendly nature.

The character of these cats is very friendly, despite their rather large size and rather formidable appearance. They surprise with their quiet gentle purring, peculiar only to them. These cats are intelligent, extremely beautiful and graceful, besides endowed with high intelligence.

In this breed, strength and power are organically combined with grace, nobility and restraint. These are cats with an unusually strong character, very self-confident, always with a sense of dignity. These cats absolutely do not know what aggression is.

Maine coons are very careful – if there is an obstacle in the way of an animal, it will not throw off, but will bypass. The Maine Coon does not like a narrow space, so it does not climb anywhere. Maine Coons are very delicate, polite and tactful, and also quite independent. They remember words and intonations well, understand their master, as they say, at first sight. Communication with such a smart cat will never get bored.

Maine Coons in the house always choose for themselves a place from where they have a good view of everything that is happening in the neighborhood. They do not hide, but on the contrary, they are always in the spotlight. Therefore, do not be surprised if your pet chooses a place on the TV, microwave, sofa or desk, while lying in a bizarre pose, but with constant comfort. The place for daytime sleep may be an order of magnitude smaller than the size of a fluffy pet, but this will not prevent him from snoring sweetly, seeing his cat dreams. Are you looking for a Maine Coon kitten for sale?

They are not intrusive, but at the same time they are very observant and always somewhere nearby. These cats are not inclined to steal, rush to their feet or take revenge. During games, they will never release their claws, but they may not calculate the bite force, although this is extremely rare. They get along with any animals without offending them, and will never let themselves be offended.

Getting into an unusual environment for themselves, Maine Coons behave as if they have lived in this house all their lives. They adapt very quickly. These are exactly the cats that walk by themselves. If a Maine coon wants to be petted at night, he will certainly wake you up, tickling you with his long whiskers, poking with a massive cold nose, fingering with huge paws.

The weight of an adult cat can reach up to 12 kg. They are characterized by a long coat with a thick undercoat, a fluffy tail, which heats the whole animal in harsh winter conditions. The length of the tail is equal to the length of the trunk, its base is wide, the end is blunted. There must be a frill on the chest, tassels on the ears.

Their muzzle is massive, their teeth are powerful. In some individuals, teeth can be seen under the upper lips. The whiskers are not proportionally long, which helps the animal to navigate in the dark. Between the fingers of these cats there are tufts of stiff wool about 3 cm long . They protect the paws and make the gait absolutely silent. The eyes are slightly oval, set wide apart, the Maine Coons have an angry, wary look. The voice is very gentle, thin.

Maine Coon is the breed of cats that will always surprise and delight you!

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