Harmful and dangerous products for dogs

By | 30 September 2022

If you are just going to get a dog, then one of the most important questions. In this article, we will tell you what products categorically, it is impossible to feed dogs. There are a number of foods that are eaten by humans, but are dangerous for puppies and dogs.

First of all, we are talking about garlic and onions, and it is heat-treated. Their prolonged use in food leads to hemolytic anemia – the destruction of red blood cells. In 2008, a study by our Scandinavian colleagues was presented at the Congress of the British Association of Veterinarians. In this study, it was found that all the young animals with hemolytic anemia who participated in it were fed by their owners for a long time with baby food, which included heat-treated onions or garlic. It was found out that during the heat treatment of these products, compounds that are toxic to the bone marrow of dogs and cats arise.

Also in some articles there were mentions of the undesirability of using heat-treated white cabbage in the nutrition of dogs. I have not seen any research papers on this topic, but in any case I do not recommend using it. Indirectly, this is confirmed by the fact that white cabbage does not appear as a source of fiber in the manufacture of industrial animal feed and is absent in the recommendations for natural pet feeding.

Smoked meats are not suitable for dogs of any age. When smoking products, formaldehyde compounds are formed. Our animals do not produce enzymes that inactivate it. Of course, a single hit of a small piece to a dog is unlikely to cause any health problems, but if even a small amount of smoked meat is consumed by a dog regularly, this can lead to liver diseases, often occurring chronically with late clinical manifestations. Therefore, it is highly undesirable to give smoked sausages, fish and cheeses to a dog.

Of course, it would be useful to recall the tubular bones. Dogs really need something to gnaw, especially young puppies. Tubular bones, and especially the tubular bones of a bird, split into thin sharp fragments when gnawed, which can lead to injury (perforation) of the intestine and subsequently to the death of the animal.

If you give the dog to gnaw non-tubular bones, be sure to limit the number of bones. With unlimited access to bones and “abuse” of them by a dog, bone concretions can form in the intestines. Their hard edges pose a threat to the intestinal walls.

Dogs, unlike cats, love sweets. They really need carbohydrates, but an excess of short sugars does not benefit anyone. If we talk about chocolate, then theobromine contained in chocolate is a poison for dogs. And with a poison that has no antidote. Dark and bitter chocolate is particularly dangerous, where the concentration of cocoa beans is higher. We have met in our practice dogs with acute severe pancreatitis, pancreonecrosis, hepatitis resulting from chocolate poisoning.

Therefore, it is important not only not to treat the dog with chocolate, but also to exclude any possibility that the dog will get chocolate in your house by itself.

There have been several cases of acute renal failure in Yorkshire Terriers after eating raisins. Therefore, grapes in any form are not recommended for dogs.

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