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Is petsboom.com FREE?

Yes,  petsboom.com is 100% FREE!

Can I place my listing for free? Does it require any payment?

You can post listings 100% free. It does not require any payment.

However, we also allow the sellers to extra advertising for a small payment, which is optional.

Can I edit my ad after I've placed it?

Yes you can.
If you login to your account and click >>> «My account
», next to your ad details in >>> «Listing» >>> «Edit item», you can make your changes at any time and all changes will be reflected on your ad instantly. 

Avoid Scams and Fraud

Most local classifieds on petsboom.com, are posted by honest people and are safe to use. Yet, as online scammers are becoming more widespread and creative with their tactics, consumers need to be aware of how to protect themselves.

Here on petsboom.com we are trying to prevent the increase of fake ads. We work at modernization of our software which automatically detects and removes a large amount of scam listings every day. We also have employees to keep you in safety.

However you as our visitors play a crucial part helping us delete bad ads and also informing us. If you see suspicious item, please let us know.

From January 1, 2020, our team decided to change the rules for placing ads on the site petsboom.com we will now selectively request from users a breeding license issued by any organization of dogs / cats and other animals, or copies of pedigrees issued no earlier than 6 months before the publication of the ad. This is due to the increased cases of fraud on the Internet when selling animals. We want our users to be safe from scammers.

How can I contact the seller for more info?

You must log in or register a new account in order to contact the advertiser. You can also see the advertiser phone number in the end of the ad.

I forgot my password

Here is how you retrieve your forgotten password here.

When you sign in to petsboom.com click on the 'Forgot password?' button located underneath the password box. Enter your email address that you used to register on our site in the field.

How do I delete an ad?

You can delete any ad you've placed at any time by login into your account, click 'My Account' and clicking the 'Listing' >>> 'delete'.

I never received a confirmation email. Where is it?

  • Check to see if your confirmation email are in your bulk, spam or trash folder.
  • Repost your ad and make sure you have entered your email address correctly.
  • Your email provider may be experiencing delays.

How can I delete an account? 

Delete any account you've placed at any time by login into your account, click 'My Account' and clicking the 'Delete account'

What if an item listed is free?

If the price of an item is specifically 0, then a 0 value should be put in the price field, leave the currency unchanged.

I have registered with my email address, but I can’t log in.

To be able to log in, you must first confirm your email address. You’ll receive an email from us after registration prompting you to do this. Click on the link in the email to confirm your registration. You will then be redirected to a form where you have to choose your e-mail and password. After this, your registration is complete and you can log in with your chosen password. 

If you have not received a confirmation email, please check your spam folder. 

If you have received an email, but the confirmation link does not take you to the correct page, please copy the full link of that page from the URL bar at the top of your browser and paste it into a new window.

Can I upload photo's to my ad?

Yes you can.

Can I include my website address or link to social networks in my ad?

Yes, you can do it for free. However at the end of the AD in the WWW line you can do this for a small fee of 1 $ US

Do I have to register to use?

Yes. You can view the site, but you cannot post messages without registering. 

Registration at petsboom.com is FREE and the process is very simple:

  • Click on "Register for a free account" link and you will be asked to provide your basic contact information.
  • You are now registered at petsboom.com!

How do I find what I'm looking for?

You have several options:

  • We offer a "quick search" bar at the top of our pages for you to enter keywords and categories to search.
  • We offer an Advanced Search page for you to refine your search criteria.
  • If you already know what you are looking for you can browse the categories listed on the left side of the site's pages.

What should I do if I have not found (heading, country, city or currency) that I need?

Submit an inquiry to our Support Team, and we'll make sure you get a response, usually within 24 hours.