Lynx. Full characteristics of animals

Lynx belongs to the feline family. It is the closest relative of a cat, although the appearance of a lynx is very different. The genus of lynx has four species: Common lynx or Eurasian lynx; Red Lynx; Pyrenean lynx or Spanish lynx; Canadian lynx. The lynx is a relatively small representative of its family. The… Read More »

Hedgehog Care Guide

Hedgehogs – snorting prickly lumps – do not leave anyone indifferent. These cute and touching pets are increasingly becoming residents of home apartments. However, caring for hedgehogs is not an easy task. Ten thousand needles, which are regularly updated, the night stomp and the remnants of life throughout the house. And a lot of positive… Read More »

The wild lynx at home

The lynx is a typical cat, about the size of an adult large dog with a stubbed tail. You can meet her in the taiga or forest, but she is so careful that very few succeed. Such a lynx is hardly suitable for home conditions, although today there are cases when the taming of a… Read More »

How to keep a wild caracal at home

Caracal is a beautiful, graceful cat with unique black tassels on her ears. Caracals have long become not wild African cats, which are destroyed in the wild, but pets. A few years ago, only very wealthy buyers could afford to buy a Caracal kitten, but now on the Internet, you can increasingly find ads with… Read More »

Maintenance and care of Caracal

For a long time, this feline predator was referred to as a lynx. After a series of studies, scientists identified caracals (steppe lynx) as a separate species. This beautiful and graceful animal, in many ways, is closer to the family of cougars and African servals. Caracal in Turkish means “black ear”. The Barbary lynx is… Read More »

Ferret: home care and maintenance

A ferret is a domesticated relative of the ferret, specially bred for keeping in an apartment or private house. A small pet with a flexible elongated body and a long tail is famous for its rich fur palette. However, despite the advantages, the animal requires special attention and care, therefore, before taking responsibility for the… Read More »

Is it worth it to keep a mink at home

Over time, the fashion for keeping unusual wild animals in the house is gaining momentum: it seems commonplace for many people to keep a dog or cat in an apartment, they want to feel like the owner of a squirrel, fox, ferret, or exotic animals (snakes, koalas). More and more began to domesticate the mink,… Read More »

A fox in the house – types and how to keep a pet

Today, no one will be surprised by a cat, a parrot, fish or a dog in the house. But what if you want to have some unusual pet? Exotic animals are increasingly becoming our pets. Raccoon, ferret, iguana, snail, and domestic fox. Chanterelles are very cute animals that have many advantages. They are remarkably amenable… Read More »