Interesting and up-to-date news about animals from all over the world. Interesting cases with our smaller brothers.

Cat adopted baby squirrels – video

In Crimea, a cat took custody of newborn baby squirrels who lost their mother. Small rodents were thrown into the miniature park of Bakhchisarai, where a cat had recently been born. The park staff put squirrels to her, and, to their surprise, she calmly accepted them. The published footage shows that the squirrels, along with… Read More »

Cameras captured the victory of a cat over six dogs – video

In Turkey, a cat strayed from a pack of six dogs to protect its territory. The fight was recorded by surveillance cameras. The footage, published by the Daily Mail, shows how at night two large dogs approach the steps on which the cat is sitting. The dogs are sniffing him, when suddenly the animal jumps… Read More »

A wild cougar has torn apart an American cyclist

When rescuers arrived at the scene, the animal was standing over the body of the deceased. In Snoqualmie, Washington, a wild cougar attacked two cyclists, driving them into a trap, USA Today reports, citing law enforcement agencies. The incident occurred near Seattle on a forest trail. At about eleven o’clock in the evening, the rescue… Read More »