Dogs are best friends. Loyal and faithful, they brighten up the everyday life of their owners and save lives in emergency situations for the victims. The care and love of these animals will be accepted with gratitude and returned a hundredfold. Dogs are loyal and loyal animals. It was they who were among the first to help a person in his daily life, in protecting dwellings and obtaining food. As early as 32,000 years ago, people domesticated the wolf, which is the ancestor of the dog. Confirmation of this fact was found in one of the caves in Belgium, where an animal skull was found.
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Fish oil for dogs

Dogs need to drink fish oil. If you choose the right dosage, you can solve many health problems. The multicomponent composition of fish oil provides the animal with the necessary elements for the full development and harmonious growth. When to Give Fish Oil Veterinarians note the need for the presence of fish oil in the… Read More »

Harmful and dangerous products for dogs

If you are just going to get a dog, then one of the most important questions. In this article, we will tell you what products categorically, it is impossible to feed dogs. There are a number of foods that are eaten by humans, but are dangerous for puppies and dogs. ONION AND GARLIC First of… Read More »

Is it possible to include cat food in the dog’s diet?

Manufacturers produce many types of dog food, each owner has the opportunity to choose the best option for his four-legged friend. But some owners have a question whether it is possible to replace them with products intended for cats, whether it is dangerous for the dog’s body. In order to understand how safe and rational… Read More »

How to feed a newborn puppy

The best food for puppies in the first weeks of life is mom’s milk. But it happens that the female does not have the opportunity to feed the babies. Then this duty is performed by the owner. He is responsible for buying the mixture and feeding according to the schedule. How to feed a newborn… Read More »

Why do dogs have watery eyes?

Often the owner of the dog notices that his pet is “crying”. The resulting tears leave wet marks on the animal’s muzzle and stain the corners of the eyes with a brownish or reddish color. Why do dogs have watery eyes? Most often this is due to the breed characteristics of the animal or the… Read More »

Diarrhea in a puppy

Almost all owners of puppies have to face the problem of diarrhea in their pets. At the same time, it is very important to know the frequency of manifestation, its amount, color and consistency of fecal matter. Diarrhea can be a sign of a wide variety of diseases, from the simplest to very dangerous. But… Read More »

Dog and Bone

All of us have been used since childhood that a dog eats a bone and nothing else, so it was shown in cartoons, but this is just a children’s cartoon. In real life, a diet containing bones can cause huge harm to the animal’s health. Dogs are capable of swallowing a bone whole, splitting a… Read More »

Conjunctivitis of dogs

Literally, conjunctivitis means “inflammation of the conjunctiva”, that is, irritation of the transparent membrane that lines the inside of the eyelids and the white of the eye. The dog’s eyes are very sensitive to the effects of external stimuli: dust, infections, etc. Therefore, inflammation must be treated quickly, as it causes soreness and can develop… Read More »