Cat health

Vitamins and Minerals have the property of increasing the intensity of all physiological processes in the cat’s body, help protect it from adverse environmental influences, increase resistance to infectious diseases, and during the illness contribute to a speedy recovery.

The absence or lack of vitamins and minerals in the cat’s body leads to a violation of a number of its most important functions.

Important Minerals for Cats

Minerals are important for the construction of the skeleton and the work of other body systems. Moreover, it is often important not only their receipt in sufficient quantity, but also the balance of some elements in relation to others. Calcium and phosphorus Calcium and phosphorus perform different functions, but they are closely related to each… Read More »

Telyaziosis of cats

Telazia (Thelazia californiensis) are parasites that cause a disease known as telaziosis in cats, dogs, deer, sheep and other mammals. It is quite rare, but its example shows that parasitic worms can live almost everywhere. The causative agents of this disease choose the lacrimal ducts as their habitat. For animals, this disease is not serious,… Read More »