Cat breeds

Cats are the most common domesticated animals.

The cat was domesticated a long time ago, about 10 thousand years ago. Until now, scientists are arguing who was the first cat that entered a human dwelling: steppe or forest.

On different continents, new varieties of fluffy appeared due to the difference in climate.

There are a very large number of cat breeds, there are so many of them that each person can choose the right cat for himself. They are all unique and amazing creatures.

Maine Coon

The origin of the Maine Coon. This feline breed is famous for its special friendliness and complaisance, incredibly long and thick fur, “singing”, but most importantly: the Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat (in breed lines – up to 14 kg, i.e. about twice as much as usual). The breed got its name thanks… Read More »

American Shorthair

The history of the origin of the breed The American shorthair cat is considered the national breed of the United States of America. The ancestors of this particular breed participated with the Europeans in the colonization of the New World a couple of centuries ago. Further, the American shorthair cat bred without the participation of… Read More »