The importance of cats in human life is difficult to overestimate. Their magical, witchcraft essence does not leave people indifferent for many millennia. The wayward, and at the same time, affectionate disposition of these animals arouses curiosity and admiration. The cat has always attracted people with its mystery. To understand the mysterious soul of this creature is not given to anyone. Nevertheless, a cat can become a true friend for many years, save from sadness and loneliness in difficult periods of life.
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Important Minerals for Cats

Minerals are important for the construction of the skeleton and the work of other body systems. Moreover, it is often important not only their receipt in sufficient quantity, but also the balance of some elements in relation to others. Calcium and phosphorus Calcium and phosphorus perform different functions, but they are closely related to each… Read More »

Maine Coon

The origin of the Maine Coon. This feline breed is famous for its special friendliness and complaisance, incredibly long and thick fur, “singing”, but most importantly: the Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat (in breed lines – up to 14 kg, i.e. about twice as much as usual). The breed got its name thanks… Read More »

American Shorthair

The history of the origin of the breed The American shorthair cat is considered the national breed of the United States of America. The ancestors of this particular breed participated with the Europeans in the colonization of the New World a couple of centuries ago. Further, the American shorthair cat bred without the participation of… Read More »

The most dangerous foods for cats

Try not to spoil the cat with your favorite dishes, just because she wants it! They can be not just a taste pleasure for her, but also a great danger to her health! There are some products that can cause serious diseases in cats, and endanger not only their health, but also their lives! Onion… Read More »

Telyaziosis of cats

Telazia (Thelazia californiensis) are parasites that cause a disease known as telaziosis in cats, dogs, deer, sheep and other mammals. It is quite rare, but its example shows that parasitic worms can live almost everywhere. The causative agents of this disease choose the lacrimal ducts as their habitat. For animals, this disease is not serious,… Read More »

Jaguarundi at home: is it possible to tame a WILD cat?

In the modern world, there is a fashion for keeping wild animals as pets. Sometimes these are very exotic and expensive species. And often dangerous ones. Today we will tell you about one of these animals — jaguarundi: who they are, what they eat, and whether it is possible to keep them at home. Description… Read More »

How long do cats live

How many cats live and how a person can affect the life expectancy of an animal, we will tell in this article. The length of life of a wild cat and a domestic one differ significantly. So, cats live in natural conditions for about 5 – 7 years. And the average life expectancy of a… Read More »

The kitten sneezes, what to do and how to treat

A sneezing kitten looks charming and causes emotion in others. But you can rejoice in this process only if sneezing is not caused by diseases or other negative reasons. Reasons Sneezing is a reflex process. With its help, the animal’s body gets rid of various irritants that have got into the nasal passages. If dust,… Read More »

Maine Coons are amazing cats

Maine Coons are one of the most amazing breeds of cats. They are characterized by large size and good-natured nature. Despite their massiveness, they are very mobile and playful. These are absolutely not sofa cats, they have a well-developed hunting instinct, so they are irreplaceable rodent catchers. Perhaps you are looking for Maine Coon kittens… Read More »