Birds are wonderful creatures! Their appearance is full of bliss, and their movements are full of grace. Our world is impossible to imagine without birds. Currently, there are about 9,000 species of birds on Earth – a huge variety of colors and sounds! All birds are unique in their own way. For a long time, people have been interested in birds – after all, they can fly! And man has always dreamed of flying, of open spaces and new horizons. Decorative birds have been kept in people’s homes since ancient times. In ancient times, they were decorations of palaces, castles and houses of noble persons.
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All about cockatiels

Cockatiels, or nymph, is a parrot of the cockatoo family. This bird attracts many people with its unusual appearance, namely, a large tuft on its head. In addition, parrots can talk. If you decide to get a cockatiel, you need to understand how to care for it, feed it and keep it at home. Below… Read More »

Japanese amadina

This is a cute little modestly colored bird. Japanese amadina is bred in Japan at home. Scientists suggest that its ancestor is the bronze amadine, or it is the product of crossing several species of amadine. As a result of domestication, Japanese amadins have lost caution, are indifferent to the control of the nest, get… Read More »