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Lynx. Full characteristics of animals

Lynx belongs to the feline family. It is the closest relative of a cat, although the appearance of a lynx is very different. The genus of lynx has four species: Common lynx or Eurasian lynx; Red Lynx; Pyrenean lynx or Spanish lynx; Canadian lynx. The lynx is a relatively small representative of its family. The… Read More »

Amur forest cats were found in an apartment in Moscow

Three red-book Amur forest cats were found in a Moscow apartment. The prosecutor’s office has started checking. This was announced by the press service of the metropolitan supervisory authority on Thursday, October 13. “Three Amur (Far Eastern) forest cats, listed in the Red Book in the group “on the verge of extinction”, were found by… Read More »

Cat Island

The Japanese island of Tashiro is called the “Island of Cats”.: There are 2 villages on the island, 10 temples dedicated to cats, and one large tourist resort “Manga Island” — these are several wooden cottages made in the form of cat silhouettes, and recreation places where you can play with the locals. A large… Read More »

Police rescue baby cats from Tesla roadster

Two baby cats were locked in the underbody of a Tesla for two days. The police rescued the two just in time. The two baby cats Elon and Tessie are just two months old. But have already experienced a lot. The two babes were trapped in the underbody of a Tesla. If the cats had… Read More »

Pet-sitters will be the solution for employees living with pets

The confinement that took place during the Covid-19 epidemic gave some households the desire to have pets. It must be said that the context was favorable for an adoption. However, the situation becomes complex with the return to face-to-face work. Hiring a pet sitter can be the solution in this case. The return to work… Read More »

Why petting a dog is good for the brain

A new study shows that petting a dog is good for both the animal and the human. A new study measured the effect of dog petting on human brain activity. Dogs have previously been shown to reduce stress, but the neurological mechanisms have not been studied. Many current and potential treatments involve animals, especially dogs.… Read More »

The world’s oldest dog dies

In the US state of South Carolina, the oldest dog officially recognized in this status on the planet died at the age of 22. It was a female toy fox terrier, her name was Pebbles. The dog was born in the spring of 2000 on Long Island. At first, her future owners were going to… Read More »

18 dead whales found in southern Argentina

Eighteen whales have been found dead in southern Argentina. This was reported by the newspaper Ámbito on Tuesday, October 11. The article notes that biologist Mariano Coscarella, researchers from the National Center of Patagonia, confirmed the discovery of dead animals in the areas known as Ameghino and Piaggio, on the Valdez Peninsula. Eighteen whales have… Read More »