A fox in the house – types and how to keep a pet

By | 27 September 2022

Today, no one will be surprised by a cat, a parrot, fish or a dog in the house. But what if you want to have some unusual pet? Exotic animals are increasingly becoming our pets. Raccoon, ferret, iguana, snail, and domestic fox.

Chanterelles are very cute animals that have many advantages. They are remarkably amenable to training. These animals are canine, so their behavior is often similar to that of a cat and a dog. Foxes can be tamed. But the owners should still understand that they are predators and this can manifest itself under certain circumstances. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that these four-legged ones will need to be carefully educated. In addition, the animal needs to create special conditions in the house.

Varieties of foxes

  • Ordinary – red fluffy beauty of large size. A frisky pet with good health
  • Korsak is smaller than the previous species, has large ears, long paws. Color – reddish-gray or light gray. This species is listed in the Red Book
  • Afghan – a large-sized pet with a bright color. It has a long bushy tail. The muzzle is small, pointed, with large ears. The colors are rusty brown with a gray undercoat. Also listed in the Red Book
  • African – they are small in size, rather secretive. Color – light red or brown. Most often they live in groups
  • Bengali (Indian) – medium-sized with brown color. The color of the fur coat can have shades from light to red. Adhere to monogamy
  • Fenek is the tiniest kind of fox with an unusual appearance. Its weight reaches only 1.5 kg. It has a neat pointed muzzle. –The owner of the largest ears – they are often as long as half of the trunk. The coat is silky and thick. The upper part of the coat is red or fawn, the lower part is white. They don’t like being alone. This is a fairly tame fox. She is often brought in as a pet. Inquisitive and affectionate animals
  • Paraguayan – has a fairly large size. Color – from reddish to black with dark stripes
  • Gray (woody) – has short limbs and a well-fed trunk. The fur of an interesting color is red with gray inclusions. They climb trees perfectly thanks to their long claws.

It should be understood that not all types of foxes are suitable for keeping in the house. Breeding in the apartment is possible only for those pets that can be tamed. They should be inquisitive, make contact with a person and show a tendency to obedience.

Domestic fox and its character
By nature, animals are very independent. But they trust their master completely. Have a good memory, smart. Funny and quite playful. They require special treatment and constant care. They need care and affection. They feel the mood of a person perfectly and adapt to it. They don’t like to be alone for a long time. If there are no other animals in the house, it is better to have foxes in pairs. These animals should not be offended in any case, because they are vindictive and can show aggression. Females are not recommended to be sterilized. Since they go away for a long time after that, and can also lose their liveliness, become sluggish.

The fox is in the apartment: how to tame
This is a rather difficult process. It is worth understanding that even if you have acquired a domesticated fox, it will still need to be tamed. The main thing is to gain the trust of the animal. First of all, you need to spend time with your pet, pay a lot of attention to it. Then soon you will notice that the fox begins to show obedience. The more time you can devote to a pet, the more affectionate it will be. Play with a four-legged friend more often, but choose not aggressive games. Cat kits or balls can be used as toys. The domestic fox is remarkably amenable to training. If you have experience raising dogs, then there will be no difficulties with this exotic animal. It can be accustomed to the tray and walked on a leash. Like dogs, these pets need to be encouraged with treats when successfully completing tasks.

What to feed the fox
You will not have any problems with feeding, since these animals are omnivorous. High-quality dog food is suitable for them. But you should not constantly feed them. The diet should include cereal porridges with vegetables, fish and meat. From fruits, let’s give apples, plums and pears. You can give hollow bones, offal. But you should not feed them raw. The main thing is that the food should be balanced. The animal must receive all the minerals, vitamins and elements it needs.

What is important to know for those who want to have a fox at home
A domestic fox can pose a danger to humans. If there are other animals or children in the house, then you need to approach the purchase of such an exotic animal with all responsibility. It is important to educate foxes very well, pay enough attention to them – then they will be obedient and affectionate. You should also make sure that you can keep such a beast at home from a legal point of view. In a number of countries, keeping these pets at home is prohibited.

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