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Ancistrus dolichopterus

Ancistrus homeland is the mountain rivers of South America. These are small, up to 10 cm long fish, unpretentious and almost omnivorous. Aquarists love them for their useful ability to clean glass from overgrown algae. The content of Ancistruses in a home aquarium The minimum volume of the aquarium is 25 liters per fish, ideally… Read More »

Important Minerals for Cats

Minerals are important for the construction of the skeleton and the work of other body systems. Moreover, it is often important not only their receipt in sufficient quantity, but also the balance of some elements in relation to others. Calcium and phosphorus Calcium and phosphorus perform different functions, but they are closely related to each… Read More »

Harmful and dangerous products for dogs

If you are just going to get a dog, then one of the most important questions. In this article, we will tell you what products categorically, it is impossible to feed dogs. There are a number of foods that are eaten by humans, but are dangerous for puppies and dogs. ONION AND GARLIC First of… Read More »

Maine Coon

The origin of the Maine Coon. This feline breed is famous for its special friendliness and complaisance, incredibly long and thick fur, “singing”, but most importantly: the Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat (in breed lines – up to 14 kg, i.e. about twice as much as usual). The breed got its name thanks… Read More »

American Shorthair

The history of the origin of the breed The American shorthair cat is considered the national breed of the United States of America. The ancestors of this particular breed participated with the Europeans in the colonization of the New World a couple of centuries ago. Further, the American shorthair cat bred without the participation of… Read More »

The most dangerous foods for cats

Try not to spoil the cat with your favorite dishes, just because she wants it! They can be not just a taste pleasure for her, but also a great danger to her health! There are some products that can cause serious diseases in cats, and endanger not only their health, but also their lives! Onion… Read More »

Allergy to pets

Unfortunately, many people suffer from allergies to animals. It is very sad when people who are attached to their dog or cat suffer from severe allergies to it and have to choose between keeping their pet at home and suffering from allergies at the same time, and finding new owners for her. Risk factors. Everyone… Read More »

Telyaziosis of cats

Telazia (Thelazia californiensis) are parasites that cause a disease known as telaziosis in cats, dogs, deer, sheep and other mammals. It is quite rare, but its example shows that parasitic worms can live almost everywhere. The causative agents of this disease choose the lacrimal ducts as their habitat. For animals, this disease is not serious,… Read More »

A fox in the house – types and how to keep a pet

Today, no one will be surprised by a cat, a parrot, fish or a dog in the house. But what if you want to have some unusual pet? Exotic animals are increasingly becoming our pets. Raccoon, ferret, iguana, snail, and domestic fox. Chanterelles are very cute animals that have many advantages. They are remarkably amenable… Read More »