The wild lynx at home

The lynx is a typical cat, about the size of an adult large dog with a stubbed tail. You can meet her in the taiga or forest, but she is so careful that very few succeed. Such a lynx is hardly suitable for home conditions, although today there are cases when the taming of a… Читать далее »

How to keep a wild caracal at home

Caracal is a beautiful, graceful cat with unique black tassels on her ears. Caracals have long become not wild African cats, which are destroyed in the wild, but pets. A few years ago, only very wealthy buyers could afford to buy a Caracal kitten, but now on the Internet, you can increasingly find ads with… Читать далее »

Maintenance and care of Caracal

For a long time, this feline predator was referred to as a lynx. After a series of studies, scientists identified caracals (steppe lynx) as a separate species. This beautiful and graceful animal, in many ways, is closer to the family of cougars and African servals. Caracal in Turkish means «black ear». The Barbary lynx is… Читать далее »

Ferret: home care and maintenance

A ferret is a domesticated relative of the ferret, specially bred for keeping in an apartment or private house. A small pet with a flexible elongated body and a long tail is famous for its rich fur palette. However, despite the advantages, the animal requires special attention and care, therefore, before taking responsibility for the… Читать далее »

Is it worth it to keep a mink at home

Over time, the fashion for keeping unusual wild animals in the house is gaining momentum: it seems commonplace for many people to keep a dog or cat in an apartment, they want to feel like the owner of a squirrel, fox, ferret, or exotic animals (snakes, koalas). More and more began to domesticate the mink,… Читать далее »

Breeding of rodents. Features and Bugs

Reproduction of domestic rodents is a complex and fascinating process, which has its own subtleties and peculiarities. To obtain healthy offspring, the breeder requires patience, special knowledge and skills. Mistakes made during breeding can lead to a sad outcome, up to the death of the cubs and mother. Features of reproduction of rodents Sexual maturity… Читать далее »

All about cockatiels

Cockatiels, or nymph, is a parrot of the cockatoo family. This bird attracts many people with its unusual appearance, namely, a large tuft on its head. In addition, parrots can talk. If you decide to get a cockatiel, you need to understand how to care for it, feed it and keep it at home. Below… Читать далее »

Japanese amadina

This is a cute little modestly colored bird. Japanese amadina is bred in Japan at home. Scientists suggest that its ancestor is the bronze amadine, or it is the product of crossing several species of amadine. As a result of domestication, Japanese amadins have lost caution, are indifferent to the control of the nest, get… Читать далее »

Ancistrus dolichopterus

Ancistrus homeland is the mountain rivers of South America. These are small, up to 10 cm long fish, unpretentious and almost omnivorous. Aquarists love them for their useful ability to clean glass from overgrown algae. The content of Ancistruses in a home aquarium The minimum volume of the aquarium is 25 liters per fish, ideally… Читать далее »

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Important Minerals for Cats

Minerals are important for the construction of the skeleton and the work of other body systems. Moreover, it is often important not only their receipt in sufficient quantity, but also the balance of some elements in relation to others. Calcium and phosphorus Calcium and phosphorus perform different functions, but they are closely related to each… Читать далее »